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Minutes of Meeting 25 February 2013

Minutes of Meeting
JTC, 25 February 2013
7 PM - 9 PM

Welcoming Cap Go Meh
WoD : Ancient

Role Taker:
a. Opening Remark : CC Neeraj
b. ToM : TM Thomas
c. General Evaluator : CC Neeraj
d. Ah & WoD Counter : TM Jolly Sitepu
e. Grammarian : TM Tomoyuki
f. Timer : TM Kusnawara
g. Ballot Counter : TM Barbara
h. Table Topic Master : CC Valeriya

A. Prepared Speech Session

BM #1 The Ice Breaker: "Introduction"
TM Peter presented a well structured speech. For his first speech, TM Peter shared the story about him and his family. He also shared that living in Indonesia gave a huge opportunity both in career and relationship development.

BM #2 Organize Your Speech: "Modern Science-Bon or Bane"
TM VJ Nambiar presented about loss and benefit from modern sciences era. Finally to reduce the damage of it, we have to balance both modern science and ancient science that result in harmony life.

BM #6 Vocal Vaiety: "The Legend of Lake Toba and Samosir Island"
TM Hellen told us a story about Lake Toba and Samosir Island. This story lead us to lesson that we must keep our promises and obey our parent.

BM #5 Your Body Speaks: "A Mistake that Taken a Life"
TM Yolanda shared to us a sad story in valentine day. This story based on true story between Oscar (paralimpic athlete) and Riva (a model). In Valentin day, Oscar shoot his girlfriend unconditionally.

AM #5 Enhancing A Technical Talk With The Internet: "iLearning"
CC CL Kardina shared to us about the history of human learning process untill internet came to our daily life. He also shared about the beneficial of using Toastmaster International and Jakarta Toastmaster Club Website for the audience.

B. Table Topic Session

TM Valeriya prepared four quotes from Sun Tzu's book "The Art of War". Wow, this are such a challenging topic. However there are four brave and smart volunteer participated in this session bot members and guests.  The Table Topic Speakers are TM Kusnawara, Guest Gilang, TM Lubis and Guest Hendy. All of them got an orange and a candy from our beloved table topic master.

C. Evaluation Session

TM Martha, CC Lubis, CC CL Imung, CC Bena and CC Ratu respectedly evaluated respective prepared speeches by TM Peter, TM VJ Nambiar, TM Hellen, TM Yolanda and CC CL Kardinal.

D. Hall of Fame

Best Prepared Speaker : TM VJ Nambiar and TM Hellen
Best Table Topic Speaker : Guest Hendy
Best Evaluator : CC Bena

JTC Minutes of Meeting, 25 February 2013, prepared by Club Secretary 2012-2013, TM Dina Novita 


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