Monday, October 20, 2014

MoM 13th October 2014

35th JTC Jade Anniversary
Theme       : “I Love Monday”

Time                             : 7.10 -9.10 PM
Attendees                     : 68
Members                       : 37
Guest                             : 11
Visiting Members           : 7
DTM                               :
         Visiting Members  : 4
         Members              : 2
Dignitaries                     :
         Visiting Members  : 6
         Members              : 1

Opening Remarks : Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL
Opening Speech   : Henrietta A. Kristanto, ACG                                      
TOM                      : Raisa Ornella Rico, CC
                                Nitesh Gianchandani, CC
         Grammarian        : Samoati Siringoringo, DTM
         Timer                   : Anthonius Koko Wijanarko, TM
         Ballot Counter      : Dina Novita Sari, CC, CL
                                       Kashish Ajit Harjani, CC

I. Prepared Speech Session

1.      BM#8          : Get Comfortable With Visual Aids
         Speaker     : TM Chairil Aditya Arifin
         Title           : “Made by History

TM Adit speech tells about how bad history changes his life. He begin the story where he had his bad history from being grounded by his teacher, not being accepted in international relation major in his college, not being accepted in debate club, and even not being accepted in applying a job that he wants to. But those bad history made him keep struggle to chase his dreams.

TM Adit was evaluated by TM Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL
2.      BM#9          : Persuade with Power
         Speaker     : TM Indah Arifiyanti Roesyanto
         Title           : “Rise and Shine

TM Indah speech tells about the true motivation behind every bad words. Words can be sharper than knife. As soon as words come out from our mouth, we cannot take them back. However, the good news is, as hurtful words could be, they could also be powerful to motivate other or even myself or yourself. Therefore, let’s be wise using our words. Speak only when you are sure that your words are better than your silence.

TM Indah was evaluated by Rakesh Dayal, ACB, CL

II.  Special Music Performance by Martha Octaviany Dwi Sisianty, CC and Muhammad Agung Wibowo

III.  Table Topic Session by TM Barbara Sakura Riawan
The participants for the table topics sessions are:
1      TM Intan Sarwono, CTM Bronze.
2      TM Jolly Sitepu, ACS, CL
3      DTM Mien Soenari
4      TM Alex Margaronis

IV. Special Speech Session by Maimunah Natasha, DTM, PID with the title “Why I Love Monday”
TM Maimunah tells an inspiring story about her journey in Toastmaster, including her achievement in international level. She shares with us about why she loves Toastmaster, what she learned from it, and what she hopes for JTC and its member in the future.

V.  Stand up Comedy Session by Bahtiar Manurung, CC
TM Bahtiar deliver his stand up comedy speech to all of the audiences. He shares about his family life, his philosophy and many of his personal experience in a humorous way.

VI. Special Occasion Speech Session by Susanna Jahja, ACB, ALB with the title “Long Live JTC”
TM Susan make a toast to all of the past president, members and guest at the meeting and wishing all the best for JTC club, and hope that JTC will create more better speaker for a better Indonesia.

VII. Celebrate Birthday Session by Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL
All Past President and our President, together, witness the candle blow and sing a happy birthday song and make a wish for a better future in JTC.

VIII.  Hall Of Fame
TM Dina Novita Sari, CC, CL presented the winning trophy which goes to:

Best Speaker                        : TM Indah Arifiyanti Roesyanto
Best Table Topic Speaker    : DTM Mien Soenari
Best Evaluator                      : TM Rakesh Dayal, ACB, CL

Congratulations to all of the winners

IX. Ribbon Awarding for President Distinguished Club by Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL

X. Our next meeting will be on Monday, 20th October 2014

On the next meeting, we will have our regular meeting on Monday 20th October 2014 at 7PM onwards in PBTaxand Auditorium.

XI. Our Appreciation and Gratitude

We would like to thank you to all of the sponsors who has helped and supports this anniversary event: Nu Green Tea, Nu Milk Tea, Nescafe, Marketeers, PB Taxand and Innovator Toastmasters Club. Thank you to PBTaxand for providing the meeting room and its facilities for the meeting.

Thank you to our Event Chair TM Rahmat Hidayat and Floor Manager TM Reza Rizky Pratama who arrange a wonderful event, and also the Birthday special team:

·      MC: Raisa Ornella Rico, CC and Nitesh Gianchandani, CC, who have lead the meeting very well and entertaining.
·      Grammarian Role: DTM Attie Siringoringo, who has helped to volunteer as a grammarian for the meeting
·      Timer Role: TM Anthonius Koko Wijanarko, who has helped to volunteer as a timer for the meeting
·      Ballot Counter Role: Dina Novita Sari, CC, CL and Kashish Ajit Harjani, CC, who have helped to volunteer as a ballot counter for the meeting
·      Registration Team: Diana Anggraini, CC, TM Michael Hadiono, Richie Jimmy Walia, CC, who arrange the registration smoothly.
·      Documentation team: TM Muhammad Akbar, Kardinal, ACB, CL, Ivan Nurhadijaya ACB, CL, TM Wira Jatmika, Taka Liwungang, CC,  who have helped in documenting the event from the beginning to the end.
·      PR and Promotion Team: Raisa Ornella Rico, CC, Richie Jimmy Walia, CC, Dina Novita Sari, CC, CL, who have helped in promoting and advertising the event
·      Decoration Team: TM Barbara, TM Indah Arifiyanti Roesyanto, who have helped in decorating the venue.

This special meeting would not be great without any of your help. Thank you!

Thanks to all of the visiting Toastmasters:
1.    Division I Governor            : Michael Otto Nicholson
2.    Division J Governor            : Zilva Boaz
3.    Area I4 Governor                : Eko Prasetyo
4.    Area I5 Governor                : Muhammad Irfan
5.    Area J3 Governor               : Ariel Wylie Tio
6.    Area J4 Governor               : Niken Setiawati

Last but not least, we would like to thanks all of the JTC’s senior member, all of the visiting Toastmaster member and all of guests who attended this meeting.
See you on the next meeting! 

Made by Chairil Aditya Arifin
Club Secretary
Jakarta Toastmasters Club 2014-2015

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MoM 6th October 2014

A Whole New World
Word of the Day  : “Adventure”

Time                             : 7.00 -8.40 PM
Attendees                     : 35
Members                       : 25
Guest                            : 8
Visiting Members           : 2

Opening Remarks   : Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL                                           
TOM                        : Livia, TM

General Evaluator   : Rivai Budihartono, TM

         Grammarian            : Tomoyuki, TM
         Timer                       : Indah Roesyanto, TM
         Ballot Counter         : Rere, TM
         Ah & WoD Counter : Andrew Kim, TM

I. Prepared Speech Session

1.      BM#1          : The Ice Breaker
         Speaker     : TM Ajay Koka
         Title           : “Me and My Second Home

TM Ajay speech took us a journey from southern India to Indonesia, his career in India and Indonesia and how the wonderful people of Indonesia made him realized that this is his second home and with learning that problems and difficulties are a gift from God and have to be taken positively to succeed in life.

TM Ajay Koka was evaluated by TM Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL

2.      BM#4          : How To Say It
         Speaker     : TM Akbar
         Title           : “Survival Mode

TM Akbar speech tells about surviving skill that he learned from his mountaineering club. Those skills had helped him to survive when he was in a hardest time of his life. From that surviving skill, he learned about how to maintain your willingness to survive, be creative in managing your survival tools, and keep enjoy yourself from being lonely by love and accepting yourself.

TM Akbar was evaluated by TM Rahmat Hidayat

3.      BM#6          : Vocal Variety
         Speaker     : TM Antonius Wijanarko
         Title           : “The Street Where I Grew Up

TM Koko speech tells about our point of view in childhood excitement that different from when we were a kid. He quotes Nietzsche that says “In every person, there was a hidden child who wants to play”. Every adult has its “kid’s mode” switch that can be turned on and off every time. TM Koko encourages us to turn on our “kid’s mode” switch at appropriate time and don’t let it off for too long.

TM Koko was evaluated by Dina Novita Sari, CC, CL

3.      BM#6          : Vocal Variety
         Speaker     : TM Reza Rizky
         Title           : “The Cheatmaster

TM Reza speech told us that cheating is like a drugs, because once you have successfully do it, it will become very addictive to do it again! And people will less afraid to do it again and again. TM Reza called himself “The Cheatmaster” because he mastered the art of cheating in the examination. In his speech, he was not only gave many unique ways to cheat (by using unpredictable tools) but also how dangerous to do cheating based on his own experience. TM Reza reminded us that when we are cheating, we are not only lied to others but also lied to ourselves.

TM Reza was evaluated by TM Andi Yoga (from Essential TMC)

II.  Table Topic Session by TM Kardinal, ACB, CL
The participants for the table topics sessions are:
1      Adhi (from Allianz TMC)
2      Teddy
3      Nathan
4      Sigit (Guest)

The Tabel Topic Evaluators are:
1.    TM Richie Jimmy Walia, CC who evaluate all of the Table Topics Speakers

III.  Education Session by TM Rakesh Dayal, ACB, ALB

IV. Hall of Fame

TM Rere presented the winning trophy which goes to:

Best Speaker                        : TM Ajay Koka
Best Table Topic Speaker    : TM Adhi (from Allianz TMC)
Best Evaluator                      : TM Dina Novita Sari, CC, CL

Congratulations to all of the winners J

V. Our next meeting will be on Monday, 13th October 2014

On the next meeting, we will have our special meeting for the 35th Anniversary of Jakarta Toastmaster Club on Monday 13th October 2014 at 7PM onwards in PBTaxand Auditorium.

We would like to give our appreciation and gratitude to our TOM, our VPE, our VPM, our SAA and all the role takers who have run the meeting smoothly.

We also would like to give our appreciation and gratitude to all of the members and guests who has spent their time to come and participate in the meeting, especially to TM Adhi from Allianz TMC and TM Andi Yoga from Essential TMC who have visited JTC.

Last but not least, we would like to extend our gratitude to PBTaxand for allowing us to use the room and other facilities so we can conduct the meeting.

See you on the next meeting ! J

Made by Chairil Aditya Arifin
Club Secretary
Jakarta Toastmasters Club 2014-2015