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Speak Up! - September 18, 2017

Holaa fellow Toastmasters!

Back to the meeting again! Our ToM for tonight, the famous TM Richie Jimmy Walia guided us all to spent an enjoyable night with theme meeting : Speak Up. As usual, there will be three speech session, prepared speech, table topics and evaluation session.

Prepared Speech Session Speaker 1
TM Budi Panjaitan
Speech title :  Happy Times

In BM#8: Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, TM Budi talked all about happiness. The happiness of a person may have an impact on the happiness of others. Happiness is infectious, so we need to infect other people with happines! The closer you're to someone whose happy, the happier you'll be.

Evaluator : M. Fatah Akbar

Speaker 2
TM Imam Khumaeni
Speech title :  A journey to the future

TM Imam Khumaeni started his pathway journey in Toastmasters. To enhance his carrier, he has to learn about project management. After he got project management professional certification, he realized that the most important key of project succ…
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Andragogy - 25th September 2017

Hello all readers!
Back to another JTC meeting!

We had a little bit different meeting last night. We used different meeting venue which was took place at Bale Ase Arjuno Room, Merchantile Athletic Club, 18th Floor, WTC 1 Tower, jl. Sudirman Kav. 29-31.

TM Anne Aprina as our ToM led the meeting in a little bit unusual theme 'Andragogy', which means : the method and practice of teaching adult learners; adult education. We had a wonderful night, especially there was Educational sesion by TM Imung Hikmah ACB, CL.

Prepared Speech Session
Speaker 1
TM  Savitri
Speech title: A Joke is not just a Joke

Last night she talked about jokes on her BM#4 : How to say it. Joke is not just a joke, it is powerful and could hurt people. Please be careful with ur jokes and evaluate your jokes whether it is hurt people or not, because the effect of your jokes could be massive for some people.

Evaluator: Qilan U.R.CC

Speaker 2
Herman Santoso,CC
Speech title:  Princess Junjung Buih

On project AM#1: …