Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Minutes of Meeting 21st July 2014

Indonesia Pencak Silat: Defense and Culture
Word of the Day  : “Kick”

Time           : 7.00-8.50 PM
Attendees   : 20
Members    : 16
Guest         : 4

Opening Remarks  : Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL                                            
TOM                       : Dina Novita Sari, CC, CL
General Evaluator  : Benazir Syahril, ACB, ALB
         Grammarian            : Glenn Djangkar, CC, CL
         Timer                       : Rahmat Hidayat, TM
         Ballot Counter         : Indah Roesyanto, TM
         Ah & WoD Counter  : Michael Hadiono, TM

I. Prepared Speech Session

1.      BM#3          : Get to the Point
         Speaker     : TM Harfa
         Title           : “Transformation

TM Harfa speech tells about his point of view of 5 facts that he found in peoples mind when they first thought about “transformation” in human life, and those are: H (Heroes), A (Absurd), R (Risky), F (Foolish), A (Amazing).
There is no right or wrong in these facts of “transformation”, but what matter is how we define those “transformation” into our life.
TM Harfa was evaluated by CC Diana Anggraini

2.      BM#3          : Get to the Point
         Speaker     : TM Akbar
         Title           : “Understanding Architecture

TM Richie speeches tells about the message inside the art of architecture. Many people nowadays define art as a weird things that hard to be understood. If we let our feelings and our thoughts to connect and to understand it, we will know how beauty of art inside architecture. The more beauty we feel, the more valuable the art.
TM Akbar was evaluated by TM Richie Jimmy Walia

3.      BM#6          : Vocal Variety
         Speaker     : TM Tedy Rusli
         Title           : “Having Friends, Life Easier

TM Tedy speeches tells about his experience to attend his graduation ceremony in Jakarta while bad things happened when he was on office duty in Aceh and Medan. He had to struggle to reach the ceremony through rivers and floods by boat and helicopter to arrived at the airport. He mention that his struggle to attend the ceremony would be impossible without making a friends with people in Aceh and Medan.
TM Tedy was evaluated by CC Nitesh Gianchandani

II.  Table Topic Session by CC, CL, Neeraj Khiani
The participants for the table topics sessions are:

1     Tika (Guest)

2     Ayu (Guest)

3     TM Reza Rizky

4     TM Rahmat Hidayat

III. Education Session by our VPE TM Barbara Sakura – 
     “We Are Family”
IV.  Hall Of Fame
TM Indah Roesyanto presented the winning trophies goes to:

Best Speaker                        : TM Harfa
Best Table Topic Speaker    : Ayu (Guest)
Best Evaluator                      : CC Nitesh Gianchandani

Congratulation to all of the winners

V. Our next meeting will be on Monday, 4th August 2014.
Since next Monday (28th July 2014) is an Idul Fitri holiday, there will be no meeting on that day. We will conduct the next meeting on Monday 4th August 2014.

We would like to give our appreciation and gratitude to our TOM, our VPE, our VPM and all the role takers who have run the meeting smoothly.

Last but not least, we would like to give our appreciation and gratitude to all of the members and guests who has come and participate in the meeting.

Happy Idul Fitri everyone and see you on the next meeting J

Made by Chairil Aditya Arifin
Club Secretary
Jakarta Toastmasters Club 2014-2015

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Minutes of Meeting 14th July 2014

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest 2014

Time : 6.30PM - 10.30PM
Attendee: 67
Contestants for Evaluator Contest: 10
Contestants for Humorous Speech Contest:  11
Members: 21
Visiting: 20
Guest: 5

CONTEST CHAIR : TM Barbara Sakura Riawan
CHIEF JUDGE : Benazir Syahril, ACB, ALB

I. Speech Evaluation Contest

Contestant :

1.       TM Chairil Aditya Arifin
2.       TM Rahmat Hidayat
3.       TM Rivai Budihartono
4.       TM Kashish Harjani
5.       TM Rakesh Dayal
6.       TM Dina Novitasari
7.       TM Glenn Djangkar
8.       TM Indah Roesyanto
9.       TM Neeraj Khiani
10.   TM Nitesh Gianchandani

Sample Speaker: Ivan Nurhadijaya – Title: “We Just Don’t Care”
TM Ivan speech is about the story of Bento and Akira who both represent a good and bad people in our daily life. In his story, he tells us that in a real world there are still many bad people who always freely doing the wrong thing where the good people are always keep silent and prefer not to do anything. His message is no matter what bad people might say to you, just ignore them and be brave to do what is right to do by believe in your inner heart.

II. Humorous Speech Contest
1.        TM Hariz Faozan
2.        TM Raisa Ornella Rico
3.        TM Dina Novitasari
4.        TM Richie Jimmy Walia
5.        TM Rahmat Hidayat
6.        TM Nitesh Gianchandani
7.        TM Michael Hadiono
8.        TM Kashish Harjani 
9.        TM Antonio Koko Wijanarko
10.   TM Tedy Rusli 
11.   TM Rakesh Dayal

1 Contestant : TM Hariz Faozan – Title: “TV in My Life”
TM Hariz Faozan speech is about how television became a teacher not only to his daily life, but also it affects to his wife and his kids. Even though television has various programs that interesting to watch, but not entire of its are good to consume.

2 Contestant : TM Raisa Ornella Rico - Title : “Leaders from Outer Space”
TM Raisa speech tells a story of her crush who is bad in communicate with others. She mentions that having a bad communication would makes you become a leader in outer space. In Toastmaster, she gets a lot of learning experience about how important to improve our communication skills so that we could be a great leader.

3 Contestant : TM Dina Novitasari - Title : My Romantic Scenes
TM Dina speech tells about romantic doesn’t always in kind of flower, chocolate or romantic scene. It is merely about the ability to sacrifice something precious or yours to someone.

4 Contestant : TM Richie Jimmy Walia - Title : “Choose Your Friend Wisely”
TM Richie speech tells about how to choose a friend wisely. He explains it by sharing his experience when he was backstabbed by his school friends. His message is to always choose an “energy giver” friend so it does not only give a benefit for you but it will develop you to be a good person.

5 Contestant : TM Rahmat Hidayat - Title : “Men on Top”
TM Rahmat Hidayat speech tells a story about his travel experience in Shanghai with his annoying friend. His annoying friend gave him a challenge to climb up the mountain, and he accepts it, because a true man is always accepting the challenge.

6 Contestant : TM Nitesh Gianchandani, CC – Title: “Love and Compliments”
TM Nitesh Gianchandani speech tells a story about how he wants to do many peoples favor if those people give a compliment about him. But after he found his love one, he got a challenge to prove that love and compliment are almost the same but different meaning.

7 Contestant : TM Michael Hadiono – Title: “Even the Strongest Man Has His Own Weakness”
TM Michael Hadiono speech tells a story about how he and his family fought together to beat the mouse in his house. He gave a moral of his story that there’s nothing impossible to beat a mouse if we do it together.

8 Contestant : TM Kashish Harjani – Title: “Different Perspective, Different Reality”
TM Kashish Harjani speech tells about his experience when he got a bad perspective by other people, and how he proves that what other people perspective about him was wrong. His message is to not just take other people perspective plainly, because sometimes it’s different from the reality behind it.

9 TM Koko Wijanarko – Title: “Just, Just, Just Be Spontaneous”
TM Koko speech tells about how to be a spontaneous person. He teaches us three “Just” to make us more spontaneous: Just in case (be prepared for any kind of situation), Just be positive (focus on things that could go right) and Just Do It (Don’t be hesitate, just follow with what you want to do). His message is the opposite of the word spontaneous is not “planning” or “preparation”, but fear. So, be brave.

10 TM Tedy Rusli – Title: “Late is Failure”
TM Tedy Rusli speech tells about his experience of losing his girlfriend because he was late to tell her that he loves her. The moral of the message is if you want to get our love one, be brave to tell her and do it now before it’s too late.

11 TM Rakesh Dayal – Title : Bold is Beautiful
TM Rakesh Dayal speech tells about his problem in growing his hair and his experience in trying some medical until find a hair treatment specialist. But suddenly, he realized that being bald is not as bad as it seems because many famous people are looking good when they bald.

III.  And The Winners are …….

Evaluation Contest       :
1st Place: TM Neeraj Khiani
2nd Place: TM Dina Novitasari
3th Place: TM Nitesh Gianchandani

Humorous Speech Contest:
1st Place: TM Michael Hadiono
2nd Place: TM Nitesh Gianchandani, CC
3th Place: TM Rakesh Dayal, ACB, CL

Congrats to all today winner

IV. Our next meeting is on Monday, July 21th, 2014

Thanks to our TOM, our VPE, our VPM and all members for participating in today meeting, also thanks to visiting toastmasters.

Contest Chair (TM Barbara Sakura) would like to express her gratitude once again to all of you who made an effort to come and witness Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 2014.

The contests would not have been successful without your support. TM Barbara sure that we had a great evening and we learned much from all contestants.
Her thanks address to :

1.    Glenn Djangkar (Club President of JTC) : Thank you for your support
2.    Madam Chief Judge Benazir Syahril : Thank you, we are really good team and send my big hugs to your all judges.
3.    All Dignitaries :
             a.    Division I Governor : Michael Nicholson            
             b.    Division J Governor : Zilva Boaz
             c.    Area I-2 Governor : Cheulie Lei
             d.    Area J-2 Governor : Ikuyo Sato
             e.    Area J-3 Governor : Ariel Wylie
             f.     Area J-5 Governor : Ratu Gumelar
            Thank you for coming.

Assistant Division I Governor for Education & Learning : Afdal Rizky : Thank you for coming

DTM Harlina Indra, DTM Lineola Lesmana,  DTM Samoati Siringo-ringo, DTM Sukardi : Thank you for coming.

4.    Contest Toastmasters : Diana Anggraini  to cheer up the contest to be more spectacular
5.    My officers : 
        a.    Timer : Maria Yulianti Sinaga & Juan Karsten
        b.    SAA : Harsono & Hariz Bayu
        c.    Tally Counter : Lia (Motz), Elly & Deasy
        d.    Registration : Akbar, Khushboo & Reza
        e.    Documentation : Kardinal
        You made this event ran smoothly

Last but not least congratulations to all winners, please do prepare yourself for the Area I-1 Contest.

See you all in the next contest!


See you in next fun and educational meeting.

Made by Chairil Aditya Arifin Club Secretary
Jakarta Toastmasters Club 2014-2015